Our Team

By thinking together, we think better

At Devesa & Calvo Abogados we have a powerful team of specialists in different branches of law, offering immediate, coordinated, first-rate coverage to the companies to which we offer our services: procedural law, commercial and corporate law, tax law, international trade, corporate compliance, administrative law, industrial and intellectual property, and many more.

We are firmly committed to companies in the Valencian Community, for which reason we integrate with them day after day from our offices in Alicante and Valencia. We believe in a partnership, beyond simply taking on the role of mere service providers. Such is the case that our motto here at Devesa & Calvo Abogados is “by thinking together, we think better“.

Our team lawyers

Devesa & Calvo Abogados has a great team of lawyers and economists to provide immediate, coordinated and first class coverage to the companies to which we provide the following services: purchase and sale of companies or real estate assets, ongoing guidance, commercial and corporate advice, tax advice, labour law, bankruptcy law, litigation, compliance and international trade.

José María García Guirao

Managing Partner - Fiscal Area

José Luis Valverde

Partner - Labour Area

Patricia Carrera

Senior Associate Lawyer. Legal Area.

Isabel Cano

Senior Associate Lawyer. Legal Area.

Javier Belmonte

Senior Associate Lawyer. Legal Area.

Luis Ángel Garrido

Senior Associate Lawyer. Work area.

Iñaki Cantonnet

Of Counsel in Money Laundering Prevention

Carmen Girón

Economist. Tax area

Guiomar Díaz García

Lawyer and Economist - Fiscal Area

Anton Semik

Lawyer. Legal Area.

Jezabel Silla-Baixauli

Lawyer. Fiscal Area.

Ana torres

Lawyer. Legal Area.

Hipolit Borrás i Cantó

Economist. Fiscal Area.

Lauren Grace Malden

Economist. Fiscal Area.

Our team at Devesa & Calvo Abogados Alicante aims to assist the companies that trust in us so they may operate with full legal certainty in an ever-changing, global, competitive environment. We take the defence of our clients’ interests extremely seriously as well as development of the service we offer through a proactive attitude and teamwork.

As we are aware that a single professional cannot cover all branches of law concerning the world of business and since the firm was founded in 2007 by its founding partner and expert in commercial law, David Devesa, we have selected a group of specialists to our offices, including the partners of Devesa & Calvo: Horacio Alonso (PhD in Law and extensive experience in spatial planning and administrative law), Sebastián Crespo (procedural law) and Miguel Calvo (tax law).

Under our partners, and assigned to the Legal or Fiscal areas of Devesa & Calvo Abogados in Alicante, Madrid and Valencia, there is a growing team of lawyers that share three common denominators: a solid legal education, a high degree of specialisation in an area related to business, and tremendous human values.

Along with our lawyers’ immense work, we also wish to highlight and thank the commitment and diligence of the people who comprise our Administration Department, in addition to our secretaries and external collaborators.

 Devesa & Calvo Abogados currently has its physical headquarters in the cities of Alicante, Madrid and Valencia, so the firm operates throughout Spain.

Lastly, in order to advise our clients on international transactions or their companies’ internationalisation processes, we collaborate and have alliances with offices located in different countries. Our International Trade Area takes care of these matters.